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My name is Lindsay Aman and I am a 24 year old artist/photographer based in Salt Lake City. I graduated from the University of Utah in 2016 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the spring of 2016. My passion is  storytelling- in fact at the heart of it, thats what I believe art is, and Photography is no different. We all have these fantastic, messy, and beautiful moments that make up this incredible thing we call life. I want to capture those moments. I want to capture the magic between two lovers, the optimism and excitement of a senior before they embark on the transition of independence, I want to capture photos  that will allow you to remember your family at that moment in time- however goofy! I am a firm believer that people look their best when they are simply being themselves. Its hard to look good when you've been posed for hours. When we work together, your job is to be yourself, and my job is to make sure you look great!

If my style is one that fits with your vision then I would love to chat with you further! I believe photography is an investment, and I would love to work together to find a photography package that fits your needs and budget.

I look forward to working with you- Thank you!