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Lindsay Aman Photography

Salt Lake City, Utah.   


Hello & Welcome to my website! I am assuming you're here because you're looking for a photographer to capture life most precious moments. Which is great, because I love doing just that! Before anything else though, I should say that if you're looking for someone to pose you like your at prom (i.e. chin down, shift right, look this way etc.) I am not the photographer for you. My work revolves around capturing the essence of YOU. I truly believe people look the best when they're expressing authentic emotions. When you work with me, your only job is to relax and have fun, i'll do the work of making sure you look amazing. I know first hand how painfully awkward it can be to get your picture taken ( I may be a photographer, but I hate getting photographed.) So I strive to be a photographer I would love to work with. 


Whatever your vision is, I would love to help you capture the dreamy images that tell your story. 

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